Creamy Nettle salad dressing cubes

I was happy to find some wild nettle plants growing in one of the gardens on the side of my new home. Nettles are a powerful plant food rich in many minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients that support virtually every system in the body. Wild foods are generally more nutrient dense and have a broader spectrum … Read more

mint lemonade

My 90 year old mother gave me this recipe over the phone the other day. What a beautiful elixir it is at this time of the year, with warmer days, mint in its prime, and our bodies in need of good hydration all-ways. Play with the amounts of ingredients to find the flavor that you … Read more

Potato Nacho Salad Plate

With fresh ingredients, hot & crispy potato slices, and a creamy dressing, this meal has a unique capacity for simultaneous comfort, lightness, deep nourishment, and easy digestion. Simple enough for everyday fare, it’s also special & fun to serve for a casual get together with friends. See below for a summary of the benefits of … Read more

Relationships As spiritual practice

I received a framed copy of this picture from a group who had recently completed a year-long course with me. I found it deeply poignant to take in this monk meditating alone amidst the rocks, mountains and glacier. In some ways it seemed to me to be so simple to connect to God (Life, Spirit) in this environment. Somehow this type of … Read more

There is No Need For hope

Recently I’ve been helping a client transition to a healing diet to reverse diabetes. She embarked on the journey with courage and resolve. I invited her to e-mail me as needed with updates or questions and in the first week we communicated via e-mail every day. She was experiencing the joy of re-introducing some of … Read more

How Fear can Help You Heal

Today I feel inspired to reflect on fear, particularly the fear that people universally feel when their body is malfunctioning, manifesting strange symptoms, or when they get a diagnosis from a doctor. I suspect we’ve all felt this kind of fear at some point in our lives, and from what I can tell, many of … Read more

The Many why’s of soul Coaching

Nowadays if I see myself as having any sort of title it’s ‘soul coach’. Although my professional work has gone from fitness, to holistic movement, to nutrition, to energy work, to yoga, to meditation, to retreats, the entire journey has been inspired by a desire to understand and experience health. My understanding of ‘health’ has … Read more

Garden Greens & Potatoes

by Caroline I created this quick meal inspired by what I harvested while tending to the garden this morning. The rain and warm weather has brought forth so many fresh greens! Fingerling potatoes from Quebec (I planted some of these, so soon we’ll have our own!), halved and cooking in water in an enamel non-stick … Read more

Simple Fall Salad Meal

Grate: Toss with lemon juice, honey and optional salt. Put in a bowl and garnish with sprouts (I’ve use sunflower and alfalfa-red clover here), avocado and a baked sweet potato. You could also add chopped onion. Enjoy!