There is No Need For hope

Recently I’ve been helping a client transition to a healing diet to reverse diabetes. She embarked on the journey with courage and resolve. I invited her to e-mail me as needed with updates or questions and in the first week we communicated via e-mail every day. She was experiencing the joy of re-introducing some of … Read more

Food & Healing Beliefs Questioned

Unquestioned beliefs can sabotage our best intentions towards effortless self-care. Here are some common beliefs about food and healing as well as alternative beliefs that may resonate more deeply and open you to expanded possibilities for yourself. Beliefs about your body Uplifting beliefs to consider: Beliefs about yourself Uplifting beliefs to consider: Beliefs about what you need … Read more

Food Is a Faithful ally – 10 ways to Remember This

Food. I can’t think of anything that has a more far-reaching effect on virtually every aspect of our lives: our personal physical well-being, mental stability, emotional clarity, and soul expression, as well as on our planet and all the beings we share it with. Yet, as Wendell Berry so accurately states: ‘People are fed by … Read more