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Together… opening to the light of the soul

When we meditate we’re joining the rest of creation in the simple experience of being.

The intention of Community Meditation is to explore common themes of both our humanity & spiritual evolution, primarily through guided meditation, to put you in touch with your own wisdom & guidance, the soul’s way.

upcoming Online community meditation
w/ Caroline:

Emotions Aren’t Personal

Tuesday April 30th from 6.30 to 7.30 pm EST

Is it possible to feel deeply while remaining open to life?

Because we are vibratory organisms, meaning that we’re made of energy and we feel far beyond the edges of our body, often what our system is registering, and perhaps always, is not inherently personal. We can be picking up energies from all around us, and there sure is a lot to feel on this planet right now! For those of us who are highly sensitive, this can be overwhelming and quite possibly incapacitating at times.

In addition, when we’re consciously cleaning up our bodies and minds, not only do we hear our soul’s whisper more clearly, but we also begin to feel things even more acutely.

Join me for this time to remember with all that we are, that rather than looking for the freedom from feeling, the freedom to feel is the healing that’s here for us now.

I’ll also be introducing my new 6-week course The Way of Meditation (for Highly Sensitive People)

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