ClearBeing Meditation System

“All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”

St. Francis of Assisi


The ClearBeing Meditation System was created to help you to access the peace & well-being that is your natural state and to address issues that you face as a human being living in the modern world. 

Below you will find links to 21 recorded meditations, each one 15 to 20 minutes long. I suggest that you do these meditations in the order they’re given to start, and then revisit them as desired. BTW, it’s normal to want to sit longer once the recording is complete.

Teachings are woven into the meditations to help you to integrate insights into daily living and become available to the crucial lessons that are here for you in the midst of every moment.

My hope is that you experience the relief that comes when you realize that meditation practice is not meant to help you to escape from your life, but to enter more deeply into your life as it is, and to see it with fresh eyes, an open heart and a clear mind.




Caroline Marie

Co-Founder, Teacher, Soul Coach

My deepest calling is an ongoing and ever-deepening intuitive exploration of what it is to be truly alive, infused with well-being and in service to the greater good.


2. Posture:

3. Be Still:

4. Allow Everything To Be As It Is:

5. Notice What’s Noticing:

6. What To Do With The Mind:

7. Relax A Little Bit More:

8. Meeting Emotions:

 9. Journey Through The Chakras:

10. Clearing the Central Channel:

11. Experiencing the Qualities of Presence:

12. Resistance is Futile:

13. Navigating Relationships:

14. Healing The Body:

15. Meeting Addictions:

16. Freeing Stuckness:

17. Meeting the Evaluator:

18. Everything Exists Within You:

19. Purpose:

20. Hindrances To Meditation – irritation, agitation, slothfulness, sense desire, doubt:

21. I Am: