Food Is a Faithful ally – 10 ways to Remember This

Food. I can’t think of anything that has a more far-reaching effect on virtually every aspect of our lives: our personal physical well-being, mental stability, emotional clarity, and soul expression, as well as on our planet and all the beings we share it with.

Yet, as Wendell Berry so accurately states: ‘People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.

Our hospitals are bursting at the seams. There are more mystery illnesses than ever before. Mental illness is at an all-time high. Suffering abounds.

While making changes to our food choices seems to be an obvious answer, if it were that simple we’d all be eating in a way that supports all of Life: our own, that of other creatures, that of the Earth.

And yet, in spite of our dire current situation, I sense that many are on the edge of stepping into the stream of radiant well-being that is possible and food will play an essential role.

Below, I share 10 key factors that can contribute to re-aligning with a clear and wholesome relationship with food. Maybe this list serves to remind you that you’re on a good track, that it’s all quite simple and intuitive, or perhaps you recognize a piece that you’ve been suspecting you’re missing and it awakens its role in your health. Or you remember that feeling happy and well is here for you. That’s my hope…


There is a mystery to the path of the soul and the timing of embracing more conscious choices. If you’re feeling an inner readiness to explore your relationship with food and your body, notice where that lives in your body. Often there will be a spark of possibility in the heart area, a brightness that is calling to be seen and felt. Even if you don’t know the next step, you can tend to this soul spark by turning your attention to it. It won’t let you down.


What is most important? It’s critical to identify what your greatest aspiration is. Not in terms of a future achievement, but what you want your life to stand for moment to moment. Is it kindness? Peace? Joy? Connection? Love? Truth? And then devote yourself to that in a single-minded way. Inquire deeply into what it means to be kind, to be peaceful, to be joyful or loving. Let it teach you and guide you. Live it. Eventually this will begin to touch all of your choices, including food, and the way you care for your body.

Let your whole body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – they are all touched by food) be your laboratory. Be curious about how the food you choose makes you feel. Keep a journal if that’s your thing. You’ll get feedback before, during and after you eat if you’re open and really want to hear it.

Use the resources you have to take care of your emotional being. Choices that are being made for comfort alone are likely to be an attempt to modulate our mood, to numb or stimulate. The more we take care of our emotional needs in direct and wholesome ways, the more our food choices can re-align with their true purpose. What do you feel the true purpose of food is?


When we free up the emotional body, we clear access to intuition which is our source of authentic guidance – much needed in this day and age of endless, contradictory and dishonest nutritional and medical advice.


Have experiences of what is possible. Try new things that you’re drawn to. Do a structured cleanse. Let go of structure if things have become too rigid. Be open to being called by new foods (this can happen in the grocery store or farmers market if you slow down just a bit!). Do without certain foods for awhile that you suspect might be problematic. Pay attention. Have fun trying new foods and recipes. Which brings me to…


While I love to play in the kitchen with ingredients I have on hand, I also enjoy being inspired by new recipes with ingredients that align with what I’ve experienced to contribute to my sense of well-being. I personally appreciate the brilliant yet simple recipes in all the Medical Medium books.


It’s very likely that you feel alone within your circle of family and friends in your desire to eat in a way that is health-supportive for you. While it’s best to take a ‘to each their own’ attitude, knowing and connecting with others who have similar aspirations can make a tremendous difference. We can get community support through social media, practitioners, and courses. I find reading inspiring nutrition and recipe books and having them around the house is also a source of upliftment.


If you are one of the many who has symptoms for which you have no answers, but also have a belief that it’s possible to get to the root causes and correct them, getting clarity on why you have the symptoms you do, gives you a firm foundation on which to stand as you step onto a healing plan. Ten years ago, in spite of dong my best to take really good care of myself, I had some symptoms that were scary and confusing. When I read the Medical Medium series, I got answers that aligned with my intuition, appealed to my scientific mind and touched my heart. Every one of us can heal and the understanding, tools and guidance are here for you.

Inborn well-being. When we have practices, habits and hobbies that regularly put us in touch with the joy and fullness of our true nature, food shifts from being a temporary soother to a lifelong nurturer.