Mentorship Program

for soul coach graduates

The ClearBeing Soul Coach Training Program has aimed to give you the experience of a perspective that allows you to see Life as graciously encouraging your ongoing blossoming. It’s my honor to support that process.
~ Caroline ~

Caroline Marie

Co-Founder, Teacher, Soul Coach

My deepest calling is an ongoing and ever-deepening intuitive exploration of what it is to be truly alive, infused with well-being and in service to the greater good.

The 10-month soul coaching & mentorship program was created for those who would like to partner with Caroline and senior soul coaches in committing to their personal and professional unfolding, and who would like support and guidance in relaxing into & trusting their process.

This Program Is For You

If you have completed the Soul Coach Training Foundations program.

If you want ongoing guidance in your personal soul journey.

If you wish to deepen your mastery of subtle and formal soul coaching within personal and client relationships.

If you’re looking for support in integrating the teachings of the Soul Coach Training.

If you would like the encouragement to work with case studies as well as feedback and reflection.

If you’re looking for inspiration and guidance as you build your soul coaching practice.

If you simply feel called to join.


Mentorship includes:

8 Private Sessions 

  • via zoom or in person approximately monthly with Caroline;
  • creates a structure of support for your growth;
  • the mutual commitment to regularly meet in Presence is a strong impetus for evolution;
  • gives you the opportunity to receive personal guidance and answers to questions;
  • gives you the invaluable lived experience of the accessibility of the soul’s perspective through the soul coaching process.

8 Group Circles 

  • online via Zoom, Sunday evenings from 7 to 8.30 pm EST, dates TBA (generally the last Sunday of January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November);
  • these are gatherings with Caroline, senior soul coaches and other Mentorship students;
  • format: interactive meditation, teaching, sharing and one-one-one work;
  • gives us the opportunity to meet with like-minded friends, to practice transparent communication and experience the shared field;
  • as the shared field is strengthened by our mutual commitment, depth, rhythm and flow happens within the group that unfolds over the year.


  • new soul coach related recordings chosen specially for Mentorship participants
  • easily accessible on your home page
  • will include meditations and selected teachings from the current soul coach training

Case Studies

  • participants will be encouraged to work with 4 case studies a total of 4 times each over the course of the year;
  • if you’re not yet ready to do formal soul coaching, you can explore subtle soul coaching more deeply with 4 different people in your life;
  • fill out and submit reflection pages to be reviewed by the faculty;
  • share your experience during private sessions, receive guidance and feedback;
  • gain the confidence and experience to continue to evolve and offer your gifts to the world.

* Special Bonus: Business of Soul Coaching

Receive a 50% discount on our Business of Soul Coaching program which is dedicated to supporting Soul Coaches wanting to create a successful and authentic business using the skills and art of Soul Coaching. Check out the details here. (The discount code is embedded on your Mentorship Page which you’ll have access to upon registration.)


This program begins in January of each year (when you will have your first private session and attend the first Circle the last Sunday in January at 7 pm EST) and is limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

Please email to check if there is space, with questions, or if you’d like to book a discovery call.

Cost: $1500 + HST (one-time payment or 10 monthly payments)

Note: the Mentorship program is open to any graduates and can be joined more than once.


  • 8 private online sessions with Caroline;
  • 8 group online Circle gatherings;
  • case study mentorship;
  • fresh soul coach teaching recordings;
  • 50% discount on The Business of Soul Coaching plus pre-recorded how-to videos;
  • Discounts on other ClearBeing offerings.
  • Length: 10 months
  • Starts: January (of each year)

To register or inquire please contact