private Soul Coaching Sessions

Clients come for ClearBeing Soul Coach sessions needing clarity & guidance for various life challenges in the areas of relationships, career, life purpose, difficult emotional states, health issues, spiritual unfolding and more.

From the soul coach perspective each session is essentially about empowering clients by teaching them to attune to the voice of the Soul, their innate guidance system, in the midst of life’s beauty and challenges. The foundational understanding is that each of us has the capacity to grow and thrive as our authentic self and give to the world in ways that are unique and deeply fulfilling.

Living from soul lets the mind rest.
It lets feelings not only be okay but be sacred doorways into more evolved versions of ourselves.
It puts us in ongoing touch with a trusted source of knowing

The soul already exists in its full glory.

We are simply helping it to reveal itself by allowing hindrances to our soul connection, such a conditioned beliefs or unintegrated emotions as well as their associated patterns, to rise into awareness within the context of a conscious meeting of 2 (or more) people.  More evolved perspectives and authentic guidance from our innate wisdom & love are revealed as energies naturally liberate themselves in this environment.

Any of the following tools are used in sessions:
  • sensing the shared field;
  • centering & grounding exercises;
  • dialogue;
  • energy work & chakra clearing;
  • emotional and energy awareness;
  • spiritual counselling;
  • guided meditation;
  • silent meditation;
  • interactive meditation;
  • intuitive guidance;
  • restorative movement;
  • breathwork.

Living from soul means that we meet life with clarity & energy, and a deep knowing that we hold a precious part in the unfolding of a beautiful world.

Possible formats:

  • Online (zoom) or in-person
  • One-on-One
  • 2 or more people, for example;
    • couples;
    • families;
    • business partners;
    • communities and other groups.


  • per session: $126 + HST ($142.38)
  • 4 sessions: $450 + HST ($508.50)
  • 8 sessions: $864 + HST ($976.32)
  • payable by e transfer to

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