Sacred Emotions: A Restorative Yoga & Meditation Series

A Call to Open to our Emotional Intelligence through the Body

Session 1: Anxiety

Session 2: Overwhelm

Session 3: Disappointment

Session 4: Bored

Session 5: Peace

Session 6: Joy

You’re warmly invited to:

  • embark on a collaborative journey to…
  • befriend the gamut of human emotions and in doing so…
  • enjoy greater openness towards your humanity,
  • as well as increased transparency within your relationship with others, and
  • experience clarity & flow, and deeper surrender to the benevolent mystery of your life.

Let go of your idea of what it is to be a good person or a spiritual person, and instead be a good friend to all of your emotions: hurt, hatred, anger, sadness, boredom, jealousy, confusion, and more, are all just wanting the space to express & dance themselves to freedom. Notice where these energies live in your body and embrace them with Presence. That’s all they want & need.

This 6-week series aims to give you the time, space & support for finer & more precise attunement to your whole being, and particularly your emotional being.

The intention is for participants to come away: 

  • with a greater experience of their capacity to host the range of human emotions,
  • feeling increasingly open & at ease when various emotional states move through,
  • more energized overall, as efforts to hide, escape or suppress emotions get liberated,
  • with an enhanced capacity to tend to emotional states as opposed to projecting onto outside circumstances.
  • with a direct experience of accessing presence & authentic responses in the midst of daily life.

Restorative Yoga & Meditation:

  • Gives you the time, space & support for finer & more precise attunement to your whole being.
  • Is an opportunity to slow down, turn inwards & attune to the abundance, peace & well-being of the natural state.
  • When done in a group, even at a distance, enhances our experience through the shared field.
  • Class format: Guided meditation, gentle movement & mindful postures mingled with teachings, designed to restore the nervous system and help release deeply held tensions.
  • Intention: Access greater capacity for awareness, more ease within your human experience, and a more consistent connection to true nature.
  • Objective: Reclaim your natural state of peace, health & authentic expression in the world. 

“Everything that I uncover in myself means more richness in my experience of the world.”

  • Yoga mat
  • 1-2 blankets
  • a few various sized pillows and cushions, or yoga props like a bolster & blocks.

Here is what is included with your registration:

  • 6 recorded 75-minute Yoga & Meditation classes (+ 30 minute Circle: sharing & one-on-one interaction)
  • Suggestions for reflection & journaling which will allow you to deepen your exploration
  • Bonus materials: guided meditations and video teachings
  • Lifetime access

$45 + HST