Silent Day REtreat

@ It’s All About You Centre

14550 Dufferin St, King City

Thursday July 4th, 2024 from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Welcome to ClearBeing:
Your truest light shining through a vital body,
meeting the fullness of Now with integrity & love,
and an inborn recognition of our essential Oneness with all of Life.

You’re warmly invited to join us for a day of rest & renewal for the body, mind and heart

in the always benevolent & generous moment.

Meet yourself as you are in the blessed mercy of simple presence, and gently unwind into your natural state of peace & wellbeing.

All levels of experience are welcome.


9.30 am: Opening, Centering & Meditation

10.30 am – Break

10.45 am – Qigong w/Cindy Abbott

11.30 am – Talk & Meditation

12.30 pm: Lunch & Break

2 pm: Restorative Movement & Meditation

3.15 pm: Break

3.30 pm: Closing Circle, Q & A

4.30 pm: Retreat ends

Silence is the ground from which love’s highest offerings spring forth.

Retreat components:

Silence: Most of this retreat will be held in silence. Being in silence gives us the opportunity to give energy & attention that would usually be turned externally to inner deepening & insights.

Meditation: Our natural state of well-being & peace which exists in the midst of everyday moments and can be accessed by everyone.

Talks: When groups of sincere people come together there is a shared field that forms and that can be ‘read’. Teachers will express intuitively from what they’re sensing.

Qigong: A series of gentle movements that help to clear static & stagnation in the body and open us to nurturing lifeforce.

Restorative Movement: Gentle movement & mindful postures mingled with teachings, designed to restore the nervous system, help release deeply held tensions, and put us in touch with deeper Presence, and in doing so bring forth the intuitive voice and the vitality to express it in our everyday life.

Please come ready to turn off your phone for the duration of the retreat. We will provide an emergency number in case family needs to reach you.

We know you’ll enjoy the exquisite land, the stunning Retreat House with it’s cozy woodstove and lounges, the welcoming Great Hall with picture windows to take in the surrounding beauty, the body & soul nourishing meals, and the magical atmosphere here. You’ll have access to trails through the trees, meadows and along the pond, gardens, decks overlooking the valley & forest, and more.

What to Bring:

  • There will be chairs set up for meditation. If you prefer to sit on the ground please bring your own set-up.
  • A yoga mat for the movement portion (there are no extras at this location so please borrow one if you don’t have one).
  • A water bottle – there is purified water on tap
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • A journal to write in between sessions if desired

Our in-born capacity for intimacy with all things reveals itself in Silence.

Details & Booking

Thursday July 4th from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

(includes retreat fee,
a lovingly prepared plant-based lunch* featuring food from our gardens,
snacks & tea station


(alternative to PayPal: send an e-transfer for $162.72 to

(*All food offerings are gluten-, corn-, soy- and animal product free.)

Cancellation Policies

Take time away from your usual demands, and rest in stillness;
Let go more easily into the flow of life, and deepen into trust;
See your patterns with increased clarity & compassion, and use them as a stepping off point for evolution;
Gain new perspective on challenges, both personal & global, and relax into peace;
Re-vitalize your body, and set the foundation for lifelong health;
Deepen & align with your true nature, and create a life of meaning & love.