Soul Coaching Agreements


The consistency and rhythm of meeting regularly for an extended period of time, along with the agreements that we make with each other, creates a container with supported momentum in which we can meet what arises together, and where your being learns to trust that it will be met. It also honors the fact that our healing is an unfolding that takes time. When 2 people commit to each other in this way, we make ourselves available to an intelligent process that wants nothing less than our individual and collective evolution.

Some Simple & Essential Agreements

We commit to meeting at our agreed upon times.

We set ourselves up in a location that is quiet and without distractions.

We arrive at our sessions 5 to 10 minutes early to settle and center.

Sessions last from 45 minutes to an hour or whenever the session feels complete.

With gratitude…

Thank you for trusting me to accompany you on your soul’s journey. It’s my greatest honor to travel alongside you. May you experience with wonder, all that a human life can be. May you know the peace & joy of living in harmony with the Mystery. May you be blessed with the bounty of authentic service.

Soul to soul,