The Many why’s of soul Coaching

Nowadays if I see myself as having any sort of title it’s ‘soul coach’.

Although my professional work has gone from fitness, to holistic movement, to nutrition, to energy work, to yoga, to meditation, to retreats, the entire journey has been inspired by a desire to understand and experience health. My understanding of ‘health’ has transformed from physical vitality to emotional well-being, to soul connection and spiritual fulfillment along the way, so it makes sense that the exploration has continually taken me to new territories.

Why do I call myself soul coach?

I realize that the word ‘soul’ can put people off if they were exposed to it in the context of a religious education that didn’t resonate for them. Nevertheless, I chose the word ‘soul’ because it felt important to be clear that the underlying conviction here is that the journey to true health is ultimately a spiritual one, and because the word ‘soul’, in spite of its’ possible shortcomings, is familiar to most people as their unique deepest Self.

While it’s not perfect, the term soul coach seemed to be the closest I could get to describing what had developed in client sessions over the years. I see myself as guiding people to reconnect with their inborn capacity to be in direct contact with their unwavering wholeness and to the blueprint of their unique soul contract regardless of the challenges they are currently facing.

Why did I become a soul coach?

After having spent many years trying different approaches to health and happiness, and teaching and sharing these with others, it dawned on me that the simplicity and accuracy of connecting directly to an inner source of guidance, often called the soul, was ultimately what felt alive and right. With time and commitment, learning to tune into my soul gave my life an effortless, authentic and embodied feel that I could trust moment to moment to moment.

It lets the mind rest.
It lets feelings not only be okay but be sacred doorways into more evolved versions of ourselves.
It puts us in ongoing touch with a trusted source of knowing,

I naturally wanted to pass on what I had learned with others so that they too could know the freedom, peace and well-being that comes when we live from soul.

Why might someone want to work with a soul coach?

In my soul coaching practice, I help people to harness their capacity to connect with their own deepest source of guidance. Their current circumstances, stresses, feelings, and energies are stepping stones along the river of their soul. With each session not only do people come away feeling lighter, more open and clearer, they are learning perspectives and skills that are natural and can easily be brought into their lives. I know that this impacts their degree of peace and confidence, and also has a ripple effect on all of their relationships. It’s not an exaggeration to say that connection to soul is the beginning of the end of all perceived problems. Every challenge becomes an opportunity to connect more deeply, and to know the fullness and joy of this moment.

Why might someone become a soul coach?

If we are interested in getting to know ourselves as souls, continuing to evolve, and guiding others to do the same, then we are already soul coaches. In the first ClearBeing Soul Coach Training we had mothers, fathers, yoga teachers, nutritionists, fitness instructors, an esthetician, a nurse, a school teacher, an art therapist, and more. They were people who wanted guidance and community and who wanted to to give themselves more fully to their evolution. Many wanted to add Soul Coaching to their formal offerings.

A Soul Coach is committed to meeting everyone at the level of their fundamental wholeness and well-being.
To be met in this way is not only rare, it sparks a deep remembrance in the ‘other’ that changes everything.