A Chakra Odyssey: A Restorative Yoga & Meditation Series

In this 9-week online adventure, our vehicle is our body. 

Our guides are our seven primary energy centres. 

Our compass is sensations.

Our destination is deep inner space.

Our purpose is truth, clarity & wholeness.

“Expanded awareness of the chakras (or energy centres) gives us access to the voice of the personal & collective soul.”

Caroline Marie Dupont

“Everything that I uncover in myself means more richness in my experience of the world.”

Restorative Yoga & Meditation

  • Class format: Guided meditation, gentle movement & mindful postures mingled with teachings.
  • Intention: Quiet the mind, restore the nervous system, relax the body, open to greater awareness of the energy body, clear the portal for soul to pour through.
  • Objective: Reclaim your natural state of peace, health & true expression in the world. 

Chakras (meaning wheel or disk in Sanskrit) are the main hubs of activity in your energy body. 

  • They exchange information with the world around you, picking up and sending information like antennae.
  • They distribute life force (prana or chi) to your physical organs, flesh, bones and all tissues.
  • They digest and purify energies that you encounter within and all around you. 
  • They bring about spiritual development, and each centre corresponds to a dimension of our evolution as physical and spiritual beings.
  • They contain millions of years of accumulated & collective wisdom.

What this series is:

  • An opportunity to slow down, turn inwards & attune to the abundance, peace & well-being of the natural state.
  • A time for those who are familiar with chakras to visit them with greater magnification, and open to new insights.
  • A time for those who are ‘new’ to chakras to realize that they’re not new to them at all, and experience how to access their intelligence.
  • An invitation to deepen your intuitive capacities.
  • An unfolding mystery that each participant contributes to.
  • A fresh & elegant opening to ongoing blossoming, both personal & collective.

What this series is not:

  • An exploration of ancient teachings.
  • A review of what others have written.
  • An intellectual pursuit.

This 9-week series aims to give you the time, space & support for finer & more precise attunement to your whole being. This increased sensitivity becomes the fuel of a journey that feels true.

  • Yoga mat
  • 1-2 blankets
  • classic yoga props like a bolster & blocks are helpful but you can also use pillows and cushions.

Here is what is included with your registration:

  • 9 Live 75-minute Yoga & Meditation classes (+ each week’s recording on members’ page)
  • Suggestions for reflection & journaling which will allow you to deepen your exploration
  • Bonus materials – meditations, restorative yoga videos, blogs, music
  • Lifetime access

$54 + HST